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Monsterful (adjective):
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Monsterful VR

An innovative product company living at the nexus of sports and technology. We create best-in-class VR/AI training platforms for the professional and amateur ranks and build and launch immersive sensory entertainment activations to partner with brands at pro sports, hospitality and retail venues to revolutionize the customer experience.

Monsterful VR is based in NYC with offices in Midtown East and the Garment District.



Play the Pros

Play the Pros is a revolutionary fan engagement platform comprised of multiple gamified VR sports products, each serving as the foundation upon which venues and consumers come together with brand sponsors in a fun and immersive fashion.


RibeeVR is Monsterful VR's baseball performance training technology. The product enables MLB players - whose desire to gain a competitive advantage is paramount - to train against pitchers they will face in upcoming games, thus enhancing their success at the plate. Valuable for players at all levels, RibeeVR optimizes pitch recognition, strike zone awareness, reaction time and hitting mechanics, while minimizing the physical repetition of batting practice that can predispose to injury.

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The Monsterful VR Story

One beautiful Seattle summer day in 2016, I was privileged to be out on the field at Safeco having a catch with my dad and brother. The feeling was almost spiritual and the memory sticks with me. It was then that the idea for Monsterful VR and Play the Pros was born. The initial mission to rejuvenate fan interest in the game of baseball grew to one that encompassed a coordinated effort to give teams in all sports a vehicle to revolutionize fan engagement and build excitement around their product, while generating revenue and earned media attention.

Sports teams face increasing competition for fan focus and entertainment dollars. Clubs need to innovate. The demographic – in baseball in particular – has been rising, while viewership of national contests, youth participation, and diversity has been slipping steadily. So the challenge became... how can we get people excited about baseball?

Out there on a real MLB field, I Imagined the fun of taking REAL swings against REAL pitches from favorite MLB pitchers! Simulating a professional at bat, gamifying it, and delivering an immersive experience to ball parks, entertainment venues, and retail establishments around the country became my passion. The appeal and marketing of baseball – and other sports as well – need not only be seasonal.

My initial vision for Monsterful VR also featured RibeeVR, a performance training platform that enables players - whose desire to gain a competitive advantage is paramount - to train against pitchers they will face in upcoming games. Utilizing virtual reality to enhance pitch recognition and reaction time while minimizing injury risk is the perfect marriage of sport and technology and will benefit players at every level. It is my hope that RibeeVR will draw more young people to the game.

I am excited to be part of a dedicated team that is establishing Monsterful VR as the leading producer of unique and competitive sports VR experiences and performance training platforms.

It is my pleasure to itroduce you to Monsterful VR. I look forward to meeting you!

Jarett Sims, CEO